Pack and Play

“The Giraffe” & Our Cute Pack’n’Play Ready for Brooke’s Arrival
Now we can have our baby, or at least we are more ready for her now!!! We finally have a place for her to sleep, not that she is here yet and needs it, but it does make me more comfortable knowing we have a place she can sleep! Our crib stil has NOT come in and that is driving me crazy! We got our pack and play which we put in our bedroom so Brooke can sleep there for the first couple of weeks. It was entertaining watching Brandon put the thing together, more complicated than we both thought. But now that it is together and in our bedroom, Brandon says its not coming down….we shall see. Its really cute, I just love the animals, I hung the best animal (the Giraffe) in the middle! Hopefully the crib will come soon. I am still working on the bumbers so for now I just have the bed skirt and the quilt laying on top of the mattress which is on the floor. 🙁 I will post pictures of the bedding once it is all completed!

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