Dr.’s Visit – 30 Weeks

I went to the docotr today for my 30 week appointment. As many of you know or may not know I have White Coat Syndrome, which means when I go to the doctor my blood pressure is high. Becasue of this I have to check my blood pressure at home. At home it is always normal so there are no concerns. Today when the nurse took my my blood pressure it was 140/88 which is GREAT for me at the doctor’s office. They had me go into the exam room and lay down on my left side for like 5 minutes. When the doctor came in she re-took my blood pressure and it was 120/76. I was so thrilled, I never can calm myslef down to get an accurate reading at the doctot’s so today was very exciting for me. They just did a tummy check and asked if I had any concerns or questions. I asked how big she is now and they are estimating she is around 3 pounds right now! Yeah!!!! Only 10 more weeks to go, man is it flying by!

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Tom Terrific
October 7, 2008 at 11:57 am | Link

Here’s an article about SIDS and the use of a fan.

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