32 Weeks

32 weeks…..8 more weeks to go!!! I had my appointment which was just a tummy check. They say she is right where she is supposed to be. Not measuring big or small, right on time!!! I did have to bring in my blood pressure machine for the doctor to check and make sure my readings at home were accurate. I also now have to check once a day for 10 movements within an hour. This is nerve racking because Brooke likes to move 9 times and then takes awhile to move that 10th time. But she is getting better!!! 🙂 Other than that things are going well. Brandon and I had a busy weekend. We went to the Fair on Friday then to the MHS football game which we had to leave and go to the ER to check on Luke (quarterback for MHS, family friend) and while we were there we visited Blake and Kristin, who had their baby that night. Then on Saturday Brandon and I drove to College Station for the A&M game (which was disappointing). Then after the game we drive back to Dallas and back to the hospital to go see the Clickner baby. The crib still hasn’t come in….can’t express enough frustration with that….So my baby shower is next Sunday (so excited!!!!!) and my next doctor’s appointment is in 2 weeks!

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