Well Brandon and I made the decision on Friday to make our way to the grand city of Waco for the A&M Baylor football game on Saturday. Man was it worth it!!!!! I was a little nervous going being 3 weeks away from my due date, but decided to go ahead and go anyways. To make sure I was covered, I packed my bags for the hospital and put those in Brandon’s truck. I wanted to do have that done because if something happened I was NOT having my child in Waco. Some good friends of ours had their baby in Waco and had a horrible experience so I was determined to make it back to Dallas if I went into labor. Well, I didn’t go into labor but I sure had a victory to boast about. Baylor beat A&M 41 to 21. The game was amazing (for me at least) 🙂 It was very cold which makes football somehow more enjoyable. I bought Brooke some Baylor paraphernalia which will be so cute for her to wear. So all in all we had a great trip without going into labor but able to come home with a VICTORY!!!! SIC EM BEARS!!! Sorry Brandon 🙂

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