3 Months

Brooke turned 3 months old on Sunday, WOW has time gone by so fast. She is just so much fun to watch and interact with. This past week she has been favoring mommy and wanting to be held by mommy. She will tolerate other people for awhile but then wants mommy. Monday we had her 3 month doctors appointment. We had the turtle room again. My camera had battery today so we did get a picture. Usually kids do not have a 3 month appointment but I am spreading her shots out so that she doesn’t get a lot at one visit. My other reason for doing this is because of a case study on autism I had experience with. I don’t think autism is linked or related to immunizations but just to be safe I am having the shots spread out to rule that out. She got 2 shots on Monday and poor baby had a rough time with them. Monday afternoon was rough coming home from the doctors office. Her right leg was red and a little swollen from the shot. Her leg was so tender and she would just cry and cry at any touch to it. We had to give her Tylenol for the first time. This seemed to help, it is so tough hearing them cry in pain. Although Monday was rough for Brooke, Tuesday she was feeling alot better!

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