Pinball and Chocolate Festival

Friday Night we stayed the night out in Grapevine for a little get away. On Saturday morning we woke up and went to the Pinball Festival and then went to a Chocolate Festival. These events were so fun, we recommend going. We are going to go again next year. Well, in Downtown Grapevine. Brandon and I love Pinball so we knew going to this festival was going to be hard for us to walk away without a pinball machine. So guess what, we got ourselves a Pinball machine. Which is AWESOME!!!! I have always wanted one so this day is a day I will never forget, lol. This pinball festival is way cool, you pay for a ticket to get in and then you can play all these pinball machines on free play all day. It is amazing, I know….game nerd, but I am ok with admitting that. So then after leaving the pinball festival without a pinball machine we went to the chocolate festival and got samples from all these different chocolate vendors. We filled up on so much chocolate that it became our lunch. Then we made our way back to the pinball festival and bought our new toy, 1994 Demolition Man Pinball Machine! Party at our house!!!!

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