Tonight my best friend Liz and I went to Fair Park to see the musical RENT. I left Brandon home with Brooke, so he and her had some quality father/daughter time…so sweet!!! When we got to the theater our seats were surrounded by high school theater kids. They were very entertaining to say the least. I ended up talking with them during intermission and found out that they were the high school on our local news that was going to perform Rent but was unable to because of parents and others protesting it, so they had a lot to say. During the musical we heard them singing along which made it great for Liz and to sing along because we could just play it off as them singing, lol. You can’t see this musical and not sing along. The music is amazing. After the show was over Kyle (Liz’s husband)met us outside the doors in his cop car. We got the amazing opportunity (sarcasm) to ride in the very comfortable back seat (again sarcasm) of the Dallas cop car. So since we were in the back and my window was cracked I couldn’t help but yell “help” when people would look our way. I also had Kyle take a picture of Liz in I behind the bars in the cop car. It was very entertaining to me to ride in the back…Here is our picture in the cop car.

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