Dallas Zoo

Today Brandon and I took Brooke to the Dallas Zoo. This was Brooke’s first time to a zoo. We love going to the zoo so we were both looking froward to going on this trip with Brooke. When we got there Brooke was more entertained by her pacifier than the animals, but the bigger the animals got the more she paid attention to them. She did look at the penguins and otters, but other than that the small animals were of no interest to her. One animal she paid attention to or looked at was the gorilla, he was so close to us, so that made it very nice! She also looked at the giraffe and what seemed to be her favorite the elephant. The rest of the time she just talked, squealed and played with her pacifier. Right before we left we stopped by the childrens zoo and took our picture with a picture of me hanging in the barn when I was like in the 6th grade. When I was in grade school and middle school I was a junior zoo keeper (nerd i know)and I for years I was in the zoo brochure and now have a picture of me hanging in the barn in the children’s zoo area. I look completely nerdy with my perm and purple sunglasses, but back then it was cool. At least that is what I tell myself. The trip was very fun but we look forward to going again when she does get older and is able to enjoy it more. When we were leaving the we did get her a souvenir. It is so cute. We got her a cute little T-shirt that says “My First Vist – Dallas Zoo.” Enjoy the pics!!!

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