Well…instead of going and buying soil from a local garden shop by the scoop I found this AWESOME place in Terrell that is so much cheaper. We had to buy a minimum of 6 yards which was fine because we are sharing the load with Kyle and Liz. They delivered it for us too!!!! So when they delivered it, I was itching to start shoveling and get my garden started. We had to wait a few hours though before doing this because we went to Allison’s last choir concert. So when we got home Liz and Kyle came over and the “dirt” party began!!! We filled our 2 boxes and still have a lot of soil left over so Brandon is going to build one more garden box and then spread the remaining dirt on our front yard. Tomorrow we will go buy some compost and mix it in with the sandy loam and then my planting will begin!!! YEAH!!

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