7 months

On the 1st Brooke was 7 month’s old!!! It is crazy how fast she is growing. She is now waving, so times on command, others just when she wants to. It is very cute. She is also saying dada which has only been towards Brandon a couple of times, so I think its just babbling. The race is still on as to which she says first in reference to mom or dad. So we always take month pictures and this month Brooke decided she is scared of the photography studio. She would start crying, shaking and hold on to me as tight as she could. I guess she is starting to have some fears. I needed month pictures so we just had to take them quickly and hope that I could get her to smile for a few of them. So here is a picture of Brooke not so happy and then one when I got her to eventually smile!!! Yeah for mommy and Brooke’s favorite toys!!!

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Jen Smith
July 9, 2009 at 8:13 pm | Link

HAHA! The upset pic is super cute! Love it! She is precious! Can't believe she is already 7 months!!! Time does fly.

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