How about them apples

Well school/work is starting back up and I thought what better way to celebrate than to bring cake bites shaped as apples to my school/work. I am not much of apple person when it comes to decorating but I thought these little apples were perfect for a welcome back to school treat for all my co-workers. I made vanilla and chocolate cake bites along with what I think is a very cute display. I made little chalkboard signs and placed crayon boxes in the back for added school decor. I hope the teachers at my school enjoy them.

To make these apples, just follow the regular cake bite directions except change the following:

Instead of rolling them into balls shape them into apples. The best way is to make a ball then press with your finger on the top and the bottom, and then shape the sides to be more like a apple rather than round.

Another trick I have learned is to add a 1/4 teaspoon of pure vegetable oil to the candy melts or almond bark to make it smoother and easier to dip and not be so heavy on the cake bites.

Also when using lollipop sticks dip them in chocolate or almond bark and then poke in the bottom of the bite before putting them in the freezer to firm up. This will make the stick stay in the cake bite and not end up in your melted chocolate, trust me!!!

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