North Texas State Fair

Yesterday Brandon, Brooke, Nana and I went to the North Texas State Fair. I was so excited about going because I won these tickets off of the radio. I have never won anything from off the radio so we were going no matter what. Well when we drove up it was NOT what I expected. It looked like a grocery store parking lot carnival. Once we got inside though it was better. It was like a little country fair which all of us really enjoyed. Yes it was kinda corny but sometimes corny is fun. We ate a lot and enjoyed the activities they had around the fair grounds. Brooke got to go to her very first petting zoo. She was so cute and got excited seeing the animals. One goat really liked Brooke and she grabbed his ear. Again so cute! They also had a rodeo, which we had to leave because Brooke had not taken a nap all day and she got to be very tired and did not want to sit or be quiet. We had a great time and think we will go back next year.

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Tom Terrific
August 26, 2009 at 11:00 pm | Link

What a great day out and memory! I miss you guys, well especially I miss Brooke. But I love to see all the photos of her growing and having a wonderful life. Love you, Gerry

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