Farmers Market

Today Brandon and I took Brooke to the Farmer’s Market. We got a Vita Mix at the fair yesterday so we were both eager to try it out. We bought lots of fruits and vegetables. I wanted to buy a few pumpkins but I decided to wait a little closer to Halloween but we looked at them anyways. Brooke really like pumpkins. In fact when she sees them she screams like a little girl. Yes i know she is a little girl, but I was NOT expecting her to have already picked this scream up. I have to say it is cute though. So of course we took pictures of Brooke and the pumpkins. But do not worry this is NOT the last of the pumpkin pictures with Brooke. 🙂

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Julia Walker
October 11, 2009 at 7:13 pm | Link

Cute! Lots of orange! How does Brandon handle that? HAHA!

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