Aunt and Uncle Time

Today after work I went over to my in laws house and picked up Aunt Allison and Uncle Preston. Brooke and I took them to eat lunch at Twisted Root and then went to the Arboretum. I was hoping that the Arboretum would be decorated beautifully with Christmas decor but I was very disappointed. There wasn’t hardly any decorations and the flowers are dead right now so the trip wasn’t what I had planned.Brooke took a little while to warm up to Preston, but once she warmed up to him the were instant buddies. It is so neat to see your family bond with your child, it is simple things that puts you in awe! We had a great time spending time together. Preston and Allison enjoyed playing with Brooke and all of them enjoyed looking at the fish (The fish saved our trip). Preston put his finger in the water and all the fish came up to it so Brooke got so excited. We had such a wonderful time with Aunt Allison and Uncle Preston. It is so nice to have them home and spend quality time with them.

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Jen Smith
January 5, 2010 at 11:29 pm | Link

Adorable pictures! I haven't seen Preston or Allison in so long!!!

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