Merry Christmas

This is Brooke’s 2nd Christmas and we are so excited. She is interested in opening her presents and understands more and more. We got her lots of toys and her favorite gift of all was a package of pacifiers. Go figure, you spend all this money on toys and the best gift is a 4 dollar pacifiers. Oh well, she was excited and that is all that matters.

After opening presents, Brooke played with her new toys while Brandon and I got lunch together. I made some appetizers so I set those all out and then started on the side dishes. Our families came over around 11 and then everyone else came over around 1pm for lunch. Brandon made a turkey which was so good, I think the best one yet. Everything turned out well and was very delicious. Brooke also enjoyed her Christmas lunch.

After lunch we played some games that Brandon got me for Christmas while my mom and Grandpa took naps. As a family we all went to the movies like we normally do. I had to leave early though with Brooke because she was wanting to talk and play. If the movie was later we had been fine because she would have fallen asleep,but I knew this going in and decided to take the chance. It didn’t work out but oh well maybe next year we will have better luck with the movie.

All in all we had a great Christmas and are truly blessed by the Lord to have such a wonderful family and great friends.

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