Chocolate Silk Brownie Trifle

I attended my moms flower shops Christmas party and her business partner made this amazing dessert. Brandon loved it as well so I knew I had to make it again for him. I did tweak her recipe a little but we are very thankful that she introduced us to the wonderful product called “Dream Whip.” If you have never tasted this, you MUST!! OK so What is in this marvelous dessert is:

Ingredients: Brownie, Dream Whip, 2 containers of Cool Whip and Chocolate shavings


1. I bought a brownie mix (i know shame on me for not making them from scratch), Made the brownie following the directions on the box, let them cool and put half of the brownie on the bottom of my bowl

2. Make the dream whip again according to the box and place half of the mixture on top of the brownie

3. one container of cool whip on top of the dream whip mixture

4. Repeat steps 1-3

5. Shave a chocolate bar on top for fun and fancy decoration!

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