Texas Outdoor Show

Today Brandon, Brooke and I went to Arlington for the Texas Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor show. They had a booth were kids could go fishing and try and catch tiny crappie. They had a above ground pool set up and had the kids stand around with their parents and fish. It was so cute to watch. There was a line but I insisted that Brooke and Brandon go fishing. The kids got 5 minutes to fish and try to catch as many as they could. Brandon held Brooke during their fishing time and they caught 3. She was very interested in the squirmy things when they came out of the water. She tried to reach and grab them, so cute! Once their time was up each child received a trophy. So Brooke got her first fishing trophy. She liked it a lot. Yeah Brooke, Daddy’s future fishing partner!!!

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Julia Walker
January 21, 2010 at 12:33 am | Link

Three fish… Woo hoo! Where's Brooke's bow? She always has a bow.

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