Great Wolf Lodge

Brooke, Nana and I went to Grapevine this weekend to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge. Friday we checked in and then went shopping at Grapevine Mills mall. While there we ate dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe. Brooke didn’t eat much because she was distracted by all the animals, sounds and fish. Even though she didn’t eat much it was so fun to watch her enjoy looking around and loving her surroundings.

Saturday morning Brooke and Bethany joined us at the Great Wolf Lodge. All day Saturday we played in the very cool water park. Bog Brooke and I (Autumn) went down every slide. It was very fun but the water was a little chilly. After the water park and while little Brooke took a nap the twins I went did this Magi scavenger hunt all across the hotel. You buy a wand and go on quests and adventures all throughout the hotel. There is a hidden staircase you go in and man was this scavenger hunt a workout! It was so much fun and neat to accomplish all the quests.

Once my Brooke woke up we went back to the water park for a little bit and then played the magi quest again. Little Brooke joined us this time and it was so funny to see that she could do the wand. It amazes me how smart she is. She watched and then copies exactly what you are doing. She would wave the wand at the items and activate them. She would get so excited. The stay at the Great Wolf Lodge was so fun and very entertaining for the kids. I look forward to going again when Brooke is a little older so she can do the quests and adventures more on her own.

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