Peach Crumb Cake

I got this recipe from one of my favorite blog sites Bakerella. But, as you know I never follow any recipe to the “T ” because I always want it done differently or to have my little twist put on it. So here is the peach crunch cake with a twist!!! This is great warm with some vanilla ice cream, I hope you enjoy!!!


* 2 29oz canned peaches
* 1 box of yellow cake mix
* 2 sticks of butter
* 1 cup brown sugar

* place canned peaches in the pan, i can with juices the other can drained
* then place the entire box of yellow cake mix on top of the peaches
* the slice 2 sticks of butter and place slice on top of cake
* add the brown sugar on top
* bake at 350 for 40 minutes, pull the dish out and only stir the top layers if the sugar is not mixing well into the mixture, then back for another 20 minutes

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