Bearathon 2010

Brandon and I have been training for the half marathon in Waco called the Bearathon. We decided to drive down the day before and spend the night so we could get a longer nights sleep and not have to drive in at the crack of dawn. On our way down to Waco, Brandon and I decided that we had not drank enough water for the day so we stopped at Chicken Express to get some water and bread (carbs). Brandon ordered the Jumbo waters and when we pulled up to the window they handed us buckets. Seriously, they were huge cups with bucket handles. It was quite entertaining, at least to us it was. So Friday night we carb loaded at Carinos for dinner then went back to the hotel to go to bed early and get some much needed rest. We woke up knowing that the weather could be against us, but never did we think it would be so bad. It started to rain and then pour down rain. The wind chill got to be around 35 degrees. It was freezing!!!! We made our way to Baylor’s campus, got checked in, got our time chips and waited and waited and waited. They decided to postpone the race an hour due to the weather and getting everyone checked in. At 9 they announced that the race had been canceled due to lightening in the area. So we got our shirt and went back to the hotel, not running any race. We were both so disappointed but understood it was for our safety. It just stunk because we were there, prepared and ready to go. So even though we didn’t get to race we got huge buckets of water, a shirt and good dinner. We decided that we will do another race to replace this one since we are already in training mode, so we will keep you updated on that!

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March 23, 2010 at 10:42 am | Link

Road trip anyway, even though you didn’t get to run. 🙂

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