Cake Balls Galore

My really great friend Jamie asked me to help her make cake balls for her dads 50th birthday. She wanted several different flavors so the best way to do this was to buy boxed cake and not do it from scratch. Plus this would save us tons of time! We decided on white cake, chocolate peanut butter cake, brownie, funfetti cake, red velvet and strawberry. Because we were making a TON of these I didn’t have time to set them up and take great shots of them so you will see messy shots but get the idea of how they turned out. Which was GREAT and defiantly CUTE BAKES! My favorite were the peanut butter cake balls. I mixed 1/2 frosting with half peanut butter, dipped them in chocolate melts and drizzled with peanut butter melts. Sooooo yummy!!!

The preperation!

Peanut Butter Cakeballs.

Brownie Cakeballs.

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