Dangerfield State Park

This weekend Brandon, Brooke and I went camping at Dangerfield State Park. I have been wanting to go camping for a few months now and we had this weekend open so camping is what we did. We have not been camping nor used our tent we received as a wedding gift, so I was looking forward to this. Of course we brought our air mattress, so roughing it all the way wasn’t how we went about. We did however cook every meal over the fire and man was it good. Friday night we went simple and had hot dogs. Saturday morning Brandon cooked an amazing breakfast which included: biscuits (in the dutch oven), bacon, maple sausage, hash browns and eggs. For lunch we had grilled cheese and/or turkey sandwiches with chips. Dinner was AWESOME and I will post pictures of what Brandon cooked! We had Rib-Eye steak, skillet potatoes, baked beans (the best beans I have ever had) and cornbread. Our camping trip was not only eating, although, we did eat A LOT. We went fishing, walked, Brooke swung in the swing, splashed in the lake, played soccer, made fires and of course made smores. We had a blast and enjoyed watching Brooke just roam and explore the camp grounds. She loved the pebble rocks that were on our tent pad and occasionally tried to eat them. She slept great in the tent which I was a little worried about, but again God reminded me to “not worry.” We came home Sunday earlier than we had planned due to waking up to thunder then rain then lighting. Although we had to hurry and pack up we made it home in plenty of time to take our time getting ready for church. I love camping, love Brandon’s camp fire cooking, and love watching Brooke explore. Here are just a few of our many pictures!

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