Mother’s Day

This is my second mother’s day and what a blessing it is. I have the best name and that is “mama.” Brooke has been nothing but a joy in my life and I am blessed beyond measure by God to be called her mommy. I wanted a cute outfit for Brooke to wear on Mother’s Day, found one for 42 dollars and thought I can make that, so that is exactly what I did. Making her outfit made it even more special plus it only cost me about 7 dollars. Here are a few pictures of Brooke in her Mother’s Day outfit. There are also 2 of Brooke and I because she was scared of the studio lighting, so I thought I would jump in there with her to comfort her but also in hopes of getting a good shot. Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

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May 10, 2010 at 10:54 am | Link

How absolutely adorable! The outfit is precious. I love the ones with you and Brooke. Your face is glowing.

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