Mesquite Rodeo

My mom got suite tickets again to the Mesquite Rodeo. This year it was Brandon, Brooke, myself, my mom, Anita, Jamie, Bubba, Marlo, Sydney, Micah and Sutton. We had such a great time. Brooke was super cute in her dress and new pink cowboy boots Nana got her. The kids seemed to really enjoy the rodeo. Before it started the kids and I walked around downstairs to see the calves and horses. While down there Micah and Brooke got light sticks. Sydney later got a boom-a-rang. Later during the rodeo Micah and I went down to the arena for him to try and catch the calf. It was so funny to see him go after this cow. He did a great job but was sad that he didn’t catch the calf. Also Brandon, Bubba, Anita, Sydney, Micah and I got to go down to the bull run to watch the bull riding. This was exciting but when we got back we heard that Brooke did not like the calves being roped. She would yell, tell them no, no and got very upset. I hate this part of the rodeo too, I swear they are hurting these poor little calves. All in all we had a great time, we look forward to going again next year!

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