I have been waiting for Brooke to turn 18 months old so I could have her try out gymnastics. Today was her trial class to see how the class was and also to see how Brooke would participate. Her friend Cade also came along to try the class out as well. First they did a few songs in a circle. She followed along for the most part. Then she went to the trampoline and jumped, this was her favorite part. After the trampoline they got to jump in the foam pit and play and also do the rope swing into the pit. Then it was time for tumbling. She loved it except for the front and back rolls. She freaked out and did not like that part at all. Gymnastics was very fun for the both of us and I think we will continue to go. Here are some pictures of her day at ASI gymnastics.

waiting for the class to start

on the trampoline, all by myself!

Cade and Brooke playing in the pit

She climbed on this on her own....checking everything out

Sitting so cute....

Mommy and Brooke at Gymnastics

Swinging on the rope, such a big girl

the stamps Brooke got on her feet at the end of class. She didnt want them on her hands.

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June 17, 2010 at 10:29 am | Link

So cute and a great idea for little ones. Looks like Mommy had fun, too.

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