Gymnastics – Week 2

This week we had to go to a different class because I didn’t sign Brooke up earlier. This turned out to be ok since the teacher is the same, the only sad part is our friend Cade is in the next class. So we are hoping we can switch soon. This week Brooke stated at the trampoline, she went to the same trampoline as she had last week without me guiding her. In fact she was the only one on the trampoline floor. I was pretty impressed she remembered which one she was at. The teacher rotates between trampoline trying to get the kids to do different things. This week Brooke tried jumping with her hands on her head, tuck jumps and turns. She got the jumping with the hands on head and turning. We will have to work on the tuck jump. When the teacher was done with Brooke she would go on to the next child. This was not ok with Brooke. Brooke got off her trampoline went to the teacher, grabbed her hand and brought her back to her trampoline. Oh dear….is what I was thinking. She did the a few times then I had to have a talk with Brooke. After “the talk” she stayed on her trampoline. Broke still does not enjoy front or back rolls. In fact when she attempts them she lays on the mat and cries. I guess this is something else we are going to have to work on. Even though we had a few bumps today in gymnastics Brooke had a gret time. The trampoline is still her favorite, I am thinking it will be for awhile.

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