Sesame Street Breakfast

Brandon and I took Brooke to Sea World this weekend and found out that they had a Sesame Street Breakfast available. We got there before the park opened for the breakfast and had such a great time watching Brooke interact with the characters. She absolutely loved Telly Monster and would yell his name and he would turn around every time to her calling his name. She hugged every single one of them and loved it when they sat on the floor with her. She even got in their laps for some snuggle time. I think because she was friendly with the characters they kept coming back to our table, which was fine with me!!! We had a BLAST and are sure happy that we found out about this for Brooke!

Hugging Telly Monster

Excited about Bert and Ernie

Daddy, Brooke and The Count

Sitting with Telly!!!

Zoe and Elmo

Brooke and Elmo

She Loved Abby, she wanted Abby to wear her bow!

We LOVE Sesame Street!!!

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