Sea World

Sea World is one of my favorite places to visit. If anyone has ever gotten me on the topic of Killer Whales or sea animals in general, the conversation could go on for hours. I always told Brandon if we lived in San Antonio i would HAVE to work at Sea World. So anyways enough with my obsession with Sea World, at least for now. I knew when summer came around Brandon and I HAD to take Brooke to Sea World. I was so excited about this trip and couldn’t wait for it to come around. As you know from the post before we went to a breakfast with the Sesame Street characters so we got to go in the park before it actually opened. The restaurant we would be having this breakfast at was right across the way from the dolphin pool, so I was SO EXCITED. I immediately got Brooke and made our way to the dolphin pool, yes even though it was closed, shocking I know, lol. I knew that the dolphins would be very friendly and come right up to me and also play peek-a-boo from past sea world camp experiences I had with them. So did they? YES, 3 of them came swimming right up to Brooke and I and she actually touched one and not just a one finger touch like a whole hand for several seconds. This was AWESOME for me. A dolphin even rolled over on its back for us to rub its belly. So to say the least the trip started off WONDERFUL for me, for Brooke and Brandon as well, but again my inner Sea World Freak came out so I was more than excited. The rest of the day went well. Brooke enjoyed looking at the penguins, watching the Killer Whale show and eating strawberries. We went back to the hotel to take a nap, which we all needed and then headed back a few hours later. It was such a nice trip that all 3 of us enjoyed!!! I can’t wait to go back!

Mommy and Brooke feeding the dolphins

Daddy and Brooke in front of the shark tank

Brooke at the Sea Lion and Seal pool

Eating a whale tale cookie and watching the sea lion and otter show

Her new dolphin. I had to wrap it up in a towel for her, it was it's blanket.

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July 22, 2010 at 2:41 pm | Link

Awesome pictures! I love that Brooke is wearing a fish shirt to visit Sea World. The animals are beautiful. I can’t believe how Brooke is getting.

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