Texas Rangers

Last night our cg and a few other people from our church went to the Rangers game. I decided to buy us 3 shirts to support the Rangers. I thought it would be cute, which i was right, lol. This was Brooke’s first time to a baseball game other than daddy’s softball games. It was also dollar hot dog night, which is what I think I was most excited about. Sad I know! Brooke ate some of her hot dog but was more interested in the baseballs cookies I had made. She did great throughout the entire game. She espically liked sitting with Wyatt, but that only lasted a few minutes becasue Wyatt actually wanted to watch the game. But our first visit to the Ballpark with Brooke was a success, not for the rangers though, so sad!

eating her dollar hot dog

Wyatt and Brooke at the Rangers game.

Us in our Ranger's T-Shirts!

Brandon and Brooke, So cute!

Us and the Coopers! We love them!

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