Making our day a Circus Day!

Tonight we made our way to downtown Dallas to go see the circus with our friends Jamie, Bubba and Sadie. We first ate at Elfenix for some tasty Mexican food and then got to the arena about an hour early to do the pre-show. I wasn’t too sure how Brooke would react to the clowns since she loved the sesame street characters, but we found out pretty quickly that she didn’t care for them. During the pre-show, Brooke tried on a costume, watched an elephant paint, watched a magician and attempted a picture with a clown. During the show Brooke did AWESOME. She absolutely loved seeing the animals. During the show I thought it was quite funny how she reminded me of being like Brandon, smelling french fries and wanting some, and how she reminded me of myself wanting to hug the tigers. She paid attention the majority of the time and did great until she peed on me, lol. Her diaper got way full from all the water she had been drinking and when she was sitting on my lap it leaked. She then said I pee peed. It was funny, but now both of our pants were wet, lol. After the show we got Brooke a tiger cup as her souvenir from her first visit to the circus. She loves her new cup and loved her first experience at the circus. Here are some pictures from our Circus day….

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