Great Wolf Lodge

Brandon, Brooke and I stayed the night at Great Wolf Lodge on Friday night. Brandon had never been, and Brooke is older this time, so I was excited about going again. Saturday morning my mom came to the hotel, so while we were waiting on her we ate some breakfast and then played the magi quest game with our wands. Once my mom arrived we all went swimming at the water park. I sent Brooke down a slide and she did not like it at all the first time, but after the first time she LOVED it and continued to want to go down it. She also loved jumping over or getting hit by the waves in the wave pool. That afternoon Brooke make a stuffed penguin animal, got some ice cream, colored a t-shirt and played in the arcade. We had a blast, Brooke was so much fun to watch explore and try things on her own at the water park. Here are some pictures from our Great adventure!!!

Brooke playing the Magi Quest game with her pink wand.

Shooting Nana with the jet ski spray gun!

Going down the slide by her self, such a big girl!

Playing in the water with mommy!

Now we are shooting daddy!

Floating in the lazy river!

Brooke and Daddy floating!

Playing with Nana

Seeing what daddy is up to

Riding in the ice cream truck with the penguin she made

Coloring her Great Wolfe Lodge T-shirt, not too interested in this!

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Jen Waller
August 23, 2010 at 10:12 pm | Link

Looks like you all had a great time! I cannot believe she went down that huge slide all by herself, what a big girl!!

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