Disney World Day 2

Today was going to be a eventful day. We had lots planned and a schedule to follow. We had lunch and dinner reservations so keeping on schedule this day was important. It was also important because it was my 28th birthday! What a way to celebrate too!!! So we first headed to Animal Kingdom which was so close to our hotel, so that was nice. We didn’t spend too much time here at this park but the time we did spend was fun. We first rode the safari ride which Brook loved then went to the petting zoo. The animals weren’t cooperating that much so we only got to touch a goat. After the petting zoo we went to see the 3d show A bugs Life. I wasn’t sure how Brooke would react because 1: she needed to wear the glasses, 2. it could get a little scary and 3. stuff touches, sprays and gets on you. She started off in my lap and then ended up in Brandon’s. She was fine with the show until the bugs started to spray us, but at the end of the show she said “again.” so I guess she liked it!

taking a safari ride

Brandon's Mickey Mouse Ice Cream

Us as Bugs, Aren't we cute!

After the show we headed back to the hotel to get Brooke to take a nap, we waited for her to fall asleep then put her in her stroller and we were off again! This time headed to Magic Kingdom. Here we had lunch reservations at the Crystal Palace to eat with Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore. Brooke got close to a 2 hour nap from the time we left the hotel to our reservations, so that was good! She again loved meeting the characters. Eeyore especially liked Brooke and that likeing was returned by Brooke as well.

Daddy, Tigger, Mommy and Brooke

Meeting Piglet!

Eeyore, Brooke and Nana. This was Nana's favorite charcter!

After lunch we went around the park and rode some rides. Brooke and I rode Dumbo, which was so fun for me to experience with her. We rode quite a few rides and also visited Minnie and Mickey’s homes. There was a lot more there for Brooke to do then I had originally thought. Here are some pictures of us on the rides.

Such a wonderful sight! This place is so magical!

Brooke and Mommy riding Dumbo.

Having so much fun in the tea pot

Daddy and Brooke in the tea pot.

Brooke in her Mickey ears! She is so flippin cute!

After the rides we had dinner reservations at Liberty Tree Tavern for my birthday. This dinner was very delicious and then we got to celebrate with a cake following the dinner. After dinner was the electric parade and fireworks show. I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it through either or even both of these becasue Brooke was tired and cranky. But once the parade started we were good!! Day 2 was very busy but we sure had a great time.

My Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake!

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