Disney World / Universal Studios Day 3

We went to Downtown Disney were we rented a car (a hummer) to go to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure for the day. Brandon and I were looking forward to this so we could see the Harry Potter world they had created. There was really only 1 section in the park that Brooke could do so we headed there first. They had a section for the Kids in Dr. Seuss. This was a cute little area that they had decorated so fun. After that we all headed to the Harry Potter area. My mom watched Brooke while Brandon and I rode a few rides in the Wizarding world. The one inside the castle was amazing. But after that ride and the roller coaster ride, I needed a break. Man I am getting old…these roller coasters now make me feel nauseous. We rested then grabbed some lunch, which Brooke fell asleep at. This was a good thing because she was so cranky!! After lunch Brandon and I rode a few more rides then decided to head back to downtown Disney for some shopping. Day 3 was a good day but I was lookign forward to going back to the Disney parks!!!

Brandon and Broke infront of Seuss Landing!

Daddy and Brooke riding One Fish, Two Fish

Brooke on a Suess elephant

Hogwart's Express!!!!

The Three Broomsticks!

Me and my pumpkin juice, I was so excited!

Brandon and Brooke in front of the World of Disney. Here Stitch would spit on you.

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