Disney World Day 4

We had to get up early this morning to be at breakfast at 7:10 in the morning with Mickey and Chef Mickeys. It was a good thing we kept the car till the morning so we could just drive there ourselves and not wait on the bus to take us. The breakfast was good and Brooke again LOVED meeting and hugging all the characters. During the breakfast the characters did a little song/dance and had the everyone waving their napkins. Brooke joined along, which was so cute!!!

Waiting to be seated at Chef Mickey's

Our family with Mickey

Brooke hugging Donald.

Joining the celebration by waving her napkin along with the characters.

Brooke and Minne Mouse, who became her favorite character.

Loving on Pluto

After breakfast Brandon took the car back and My mom, Brooke and I headed to Epcot. We took the monorail over there which is always fun to ride. Here we played a piggy bank game about saving, which Brooke loved. We played this game twice, it was so cute. There is a room of characters that you can go in and meet and Brooke ate this up. The characters love her because she is not afraid of them. Each of them spent so much time with her which was so fun, but I think we backed up the line. We did lots of fun things at Epcot which made this trip to Epcot one of my favorites.

Daisy Duck, Brooke and Nana, all so cute!

Brooke and her pig for the piggy bank game.

Brandon and Brooke playing the video game we made with us in it.

AHHHH, In Bruce's mouth. This ended up being one of my favorite pictures.

In front of the Nemo ride.

Brandon and Brooke at Epcot


After lunch we went back to magic kingdom to ride a few more rides since this was Brooke and my mom’s last day to go to a Disney park. Again this day was so fun but their time with Brandon and I sure did go by fast.

Nana and Brooke on my favorite ride the people mover!

Mommy and Brooke in front of the castle.

Daddy and Brooke in front of Cinderella's Castle.

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