Mother’s Day Out

Me and Mommy on our first day at Mother's Day out!

I decided that it would be a GREAT idea to have Brooke in mother’s day out. The church I went to for many years started a program a few years back so I already knew that I would want her to attend this one. I was a little nervous about dropping her off. I had never met the teachers, didn’t know her schedule and more importantly had never dropped her off with someone she didn’t know. When we arrived I signed her up and then went to her class. Of course when we got there she was very clingy to me. I stayed in the room for about 5 to 10 minutes to get her adjusted. I had her backpack with diapers, wipes, change of clothes and sippy cup. I thought I did a good job packing till I spoke to the teacher. I asked her what they would be having for lunch and she informed me that they were suppose to bring their own lunch. All I thought was: Awesome……my kid doesn’t have a lunch, I wish they would have informed me of this. But this wasn’t too big of a deal because I knew I would be able to bring her some lunch. So then I said will they be taking naps? She said yes and asked if Brooke had a blanket or nap mat. Now I am thinking ARE YOU SERIOUS, these people didn’t tell me a thing. So now I have to go get lunch and a nap mat that I know Brooke isn’t going to use. She thinks she will miss something if she does go to sleep. Plus with all these kids and new surroundings I knew she wouldn’t take a nap. It wasn’t that it was an inconvenience for me I was more frustrated that I wasn’t informed or prepared for what Brooke needed. When I got to the church to drop her lunch and blanket off I looked in the room to see how and what she was doing. I didn’t see her, so I thought maybe she is somewhere I can’t see. The teacher then came to the door and said I am only going to crack it so she doesn’t see you. I was fine with that because I didn’t want her to cry. But then the teacher said oh yeah Brooke isn’t even in here. I was like ummm ok then where is she. She had been crying for me so the director of the school took her for a walk. Oh dear is what I was thinking but the teacher reassured me that she was fine and if it got too bad she would call. When I picked her up the teacher said she did great the rest of the day but didn’t take a nap, Surprise Surprise. All in all it was a good first day at mothers day out and I didn’t even cry!!

not too sure about this...

warming up to the place!

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