Neigh Show

Tonight Brandon, Brooke and I went to the State Fair Arabian horse show. I still have a few friends who show their Arabians so it’s always fun for me to visit these shows and watch a few classes. We went last year but I knew Brooke would really enjoy it this year since she is older. When we got there she immediately kept pointing out all the “neighs” aka: horses. She was in love and it was so cute. My friend Michelle was washing her horse so we watched her finish that up and took him out to eat some grass and dry off. After he dried off some Brooke got to sit and ride on him. She was LOVING it. She looked so cute too in her boots. We had a great time at the Horse “Neigh” show. Thanks Michelle for making it such a special time for Brooke!

Riding Victor, Brooke would say Yee Haw, it was so cute!

watching the horses warm up.

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