Fall Party

Brooke’s mothers day out class had their fall party this week. It was on a day that she typically does not attend but I thought it would be fun to go and hang out with her in her class with her friends and other moms. We brought little pumpkins filled with candy for all her friends in the class. They had a pinata to play with and then lots of goodies to eat for lunch. Brooke loved the Cheetos we brought as you will be able to tell in one of the pictures posted. Brooke had fun at her fall party and crashed on the way home.

Brooke and her Mothers Day Out class.

Brooke and the pinata

Mommy and Brooke!

Making a fish craft with Mrs. Cynthia

Brooke LOVES Cheetos, hahaha.

Brooke and Mrs. Cynthia.

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October 16, 2010 at 6:32 am | Link

They’re all so LITTLE!! The cheetos match Brooke’s shirt. Haha!

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