A&M Football

We went to the A&M vs. Missouri game on October 16th, this post is late just because I forgot to download the pictures. I didn’t want to post it on the actual date because then most f you might miss it. So we went down to College Station for the day. We met up with Aunt Allison for a few minutes and then went to the game. We ended up leaving the game early because it was so hot, even though we had sunscreen for Brooke, we were done. We left and met up with our friends for dinner at Koppe Bridge. After that we headed home. Brooke loves the football game and now says “Gig em Aggies.”

Riding the bus to the game.

Aunt Allison and Brooke

Playing a football toss game with Daddy.

I just love Brandon's face here, so sweet!!

Game Time!

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