Arboretum Round 2

We have already been to the Arboretum for our pumpkin pictures, but I knew I wanted to go back once I finished Brooke’s Halloween costume. So I finished it and made our way back for round 2. Jamie and Sadie came with us this time and we had so much fun. I brought a couple of outfits because I didn’t want the elephant to get too dirty the first day out due to all the rain we had this weekend. Brooke usually loves to hold Sadie but for whatever reason, probably because we wanted to take her picture, she didn’t want to hold her. All in all, they both did great and we got some great shots of them both.

My little Elephant!

Brooke petting the goat.

Sadie and Brooke in their tutu's.

Best Friends!

Mommy and Brooke.

We love our Best Friends!

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