Trick or Treating at Daddy’s Work

Brandon’s work had trick or treating for their kids today. Each department had something for the kids to get. It was so fun and Brooke loved it. We came home with a ton of candy, lots of play dough and a panda bear. Brooke made friends with Haley again, which Haley loved and so did Brooke. Brooke and I brought cookies for the people in Brandon’s area, she passed them out to everyone, it was super cute. She was really shy at first but then warmed up showing off some of her talents. Everyone loved her putting her hands her on hips for them to take pictures of her. Thanks to everyone who made this experience so fun for Brooke!

Getting candy and a stuffed animal!

Our little elephant

Posing by putting her hands on her hips.

Brooke and her friend Haley.

I added a bow so you knew she was a girl.

Trick or Treating at Daddy's work.

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