Trunk or Treat

Our church had trunk or treat again this year at Chick Fil A. This year we did not have a booth to run so it was different and nice to just walk around and let Brooke play the games and get candy. After trunk or treat we went to the park where the city was handing out candy and had a few games for the kids to play. We had a great time hanging out with our friends and family! Brooke would even say “trick or treat” and “Happy Halloween.”

Krauska Family

The baby cow, Brooke and Mommy!

Brooke and her friend Emily, which she adores!


More Freinds!

Sadie and Brooke

Nana and Brooke

Brooke and Mommy

Brooke and Grandma

Paw-Paw and Brooke

At the park with our friends and family.

Brooke and Daddy

Having so much fun!

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