Happy Halloween

At the last minute we decided to have a few people over for a Halloween party. We didn’t have much time to plan so we threw together the best thing possible. Bubba and Brandon got masks and we bought paint for Ben to be camouflage in the bushes. Us girls stayed inside where we ate and played with the kids. It was so fun to hear the kids scream outside when the boys scared them. It was even funnier to see the parents jump! I took Brooke trick or treating to a few neighbors homes we knew. We had such a great time and the party was fun even though it was way last minute. Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

Our house with the boys ready to scare all the kids.

Brandon, you couldnt tell if he was real or stuffed. He did such a awesome job. The pillow he stuffed in his shirt threw everyone off.

Scary!! Some kids would not even come up to our house.

Not Scary but so cute! Brooke and Saide on Halloween!

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