2 years old

Our baby girl is 2 years old today. Wow, time has flown by. I remember being in the hospital with her, which seems like yesterday and now here she is 2 years old. She is such a joy and Brandon and I are so blessed. She makes us laugh so much and we have enjoyed watching her grow up to be this wonderful little girl she is today. She amazes us at how much she knows, repeats what we say and do and does things to simply remind of us of how amazing God is. I know I am her mom but I think she is the smartest and cutest little girl. This next part is more for me just to reflect on and remember years down the road, but please feel free to read the things I LOVE!

Things I love about you Brooke:
I love when you give me kisses or tell me you love me without me asking.
I love when you pray by yourself.
I love when you want to cuddle.
I love it when we take naps together.
I love that you want your daddy at times.
I love that you love to be rocked to sleep.
I love that you love animals.
I love when you laugh.
I love how you get a microphone and sing and dance to music.
I love that you pretend to take my picture, and even pose me.
I love that you wake up and call for Mommy or Daddy.
I love that you are putting more words together to create sentences.
I love that you know Mommy and Daddy’s first names.
I love that you know your first and last name.
I love when you tell me I look cute.
I love that you want mommy and daddy to sing to you.
I love that you sing along with songs and sing by yourself.
I love that you know all your letter sounds.
I love that you know most of your alphabet and colors.
I love that you remind me of how the words I say are important and matter because you repeat them to me later and I hear what I sound like.
I love that you have manners and say thank you, your welcome, no thank you, yes mam and yes sir.
I love that you always want a hug and kiss before Mommy or Daddy leave.
I love that you love and asks for family hugs.

Most of all I love that I am your Mommy and that I get to love on you everyday.

I love you baby girl, Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

Love, Mommy!

Yes I made her outift, I think it turned out GREAT!!!

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