The Party Decorations

I thought this deserved a blog entry of it’s own for two reasons.
1.This way the actual birthday party entry won’t be as long
2.Just to highlight the decorations and food I had at Brooke’s party.

I decided to do a Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse theme. My best friend Jamie and I made the awesome “Happy Birthday Brooke” banner. Then I decided to make a lot more to go with the theme. This included: Mickey shaped rice crispy treats with ears dipped in chocolate, Mickey shaped turkey sandwiches, mickey and Minnie colored six-lets in a jar, personalized tags for the mickey treats, mickey and Minnie gift bags, cupcake toppers and a personalized color sheet for the gift bags. Here are the pictures of all the fun things I made. I feel like it really made the party and it was so fun for me to see everyone enjoy the decorations and shaped food!

The Mickey rice crispy treats for everyone to take home with them.

The gift bags for the girls.

The gift bags for the boys.

The Mickey shaped Turkey and Cheese sandwiches.

Her Banner. I loved how this turned out!

The treats for people to eat at the party.

The six-lets I bought and mixed together and poured into a vase. Then I also made these tags.

Cupcakes and the Toppers I made.

Brooke's personal cake. Yes I made this as well!

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December 10, 2010 at 8:16 am | Link

Wow! Your creativity amazes me!

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