1/2 Marathon

Well 5:30 came awful early to wake up and get ready to go to our half marathon race. The race didn’t start will 8:15 but Brandon wanted to get down there early to get parked since there were 22,000 racers. We ended up running a little later than we had planned but got to fair park around 6:45ish. We met up with Brandon’s co worker Mark before the race. It was pretty chilly with some high winds that didn’t help. We did have sweatshirts though to help keep us warm before the race. When the race started we threw them to the side for donation to the homeless. The race went well, the first 10 miles for me were GREAT, we ended up staying with a pace group who was running 5 minutes and walking one minute. This helped me a lot. They were running the full marathon so they turned off at mile marker 9. I think this is where I lost some motivation. Luckily I had Brandon running with me because he then became my pace man and motivator. Like I said mile 10-13.1 was hard for me. All i wanted to do, well all I did do was complain most of the way to Brandon about how I wanted to be done, how my legs hurt and how I just wanted to see my mom and Brooke at the finish line. Thank God for such a patient husband, he helped me through those last 3.1 miles. All in all I feel like I did great for my second half marathon and Brandon for his first half marathon. It was such a joy and honor to run with my husband. He even held my hand during part of those 3.1 miles, which made my day and was so sweet. I beat my first time, which I was hoping to since the first one I ran I didn’t train for at all. This one we trained for some, but not like we were suppose to. Hopefully our next race we will actually do proper training for and of course beat our time of 2 hours and 53 minutes.

Me infront of the start line before the race.

Brandon before the race, I was freezing so his picture is blury from me not being able to hold the phone still.

Us with Mark.

Getting close to the start line, 45 minutes after the race started.

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December 17, 2010 at 8:45 am | Link

I admire you, Autumn. Running a half marathon is an accomplishment to be proud of. What would we do without our wonderful husbands?

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