My favorite Santa is the Santa at North Park mall so this year I thought it would be good to go on a week night so it wouldn’t be so busy. Brandon, Brooke, my mom and I went on Tuesday night, got a number and was told to be back at 7pm. We had time to do some shopping and go eat dinner. I was back there at 7 and they were like 50 numbers away from our number so went and shopped more. Well when I came back I was informed I should have stood there and I missed my number. He said we could wait in line but it would be an hour and half wait. He signed our card and said come back tomorrow and you can get in line whenever you show up, so that’s what we did. This time Brandon and I just took Brooke and we got there when Santa was on a break. This turned out GREAT, because no one was in line and since I had my numbered signed I got to get in line. So when Santa got back from his break we were 2nd in line!!! Brooke was talking about Santa the whole time and kept saying she wanted to sit in his lap and he would bring her toys and baby dolls. I was worried it was just talk because this has happened before with Santa earlier. But nope, she walked right up to him, sat on his lap, told him her name and what she wanted. She was also interested in his jingle bells which she told him to get and shake. We had a great 2nd attempt at Santa and got great pictures that Brandon was able to take!!! After Santa and dinner we drive around Highland Park to look at Christmas lights. These houses and decorations are amazing.

Waiting in line for Santa!!!

Hanging out with Daddy while Santa was on his break.

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Julia Walker
December 17, 2010 at 6:21 pm | Link

Fantastic pictures!

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