Merry Christmas

This year Brooke understood more of celebrating Jesus and the idea of Santa Claus. We put out a cookie and milk for Santa and had a bag for Santa to put her toys in from him. Every year before she goes to bed, Brandon and I read her the Night before Christmas and then pray together. I think she knew she was getting toys the next morning because she woke up twice during the night and ended up in our bed. When she woke up Christmas morning she was so excited and kept telling us Santa came. We had to get Daddy up and moving and then made our way into the living room. She opened her bag from Santa first, then her stocking, then her presents from Mommy and Daddy. She loved opening presents and was excited to open more when Nana, Grandma and PaPa came too with more presents. She did get a little distracted when opening some gifts because she wanted to open them and play with them rather than going on to the next gift. We made it through all the gifts and managed to put all the toys away and get my house back to a normal state. After eating lunch we typically go and see a movie but this year we stayed home and played games instead. I actually like this a lot better because we had such a great time playing games, we even cried because we were laughing so hard. Maybe this can be our new tradition on Christmas! We had a very Merry Christmas and are truly blessed as parents and blessed to have such a wonderful family.

Brooke telling the people on the couch to look her way and smile.

GG, Uncle Mike, Aunt Susan and Grandma doing what Brooke asked, lol.

Brandon carving the turkey, it was so good!

Nana and Brooke on Christmas.

Grandma, Brooke and Papa on Christmas.

Aunt Allison and Brooke, they both have funny faces in this picture.

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Julia Walker
January 3, 2011 at 8:50 pm | Link

Your family has such fun Christmas traditions. Brooke is at a very fun age to enjoy it all. I remember those days with my kids, and now I have a granddaughter to enjoy doing all that stuff.

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