Day with Mommy

Since I was off for 2 weeks for Christmas break, I wanted to have a day where Brooke and I went and did something fun together, just her and I. I decided to take her back to the Dallas World Aquarium. She hadn’t been since she was a baby, so I knew it wasn’t anything she would remember. She loves animals and loves exploring so I was excited to take her here. I decided to not take the stroller and just have her walk or carry her from time to time. This ended up working out awesome, I loved being the mom without the large stroller trying to get through the crowd! Brooke wasn’t too sure about the large aquariums you could walk up to until I reassured here there was glass, funny kid. Every animal she would see, she would say hi and then blow it a kiss when we decided to move on to the next exhibit. She did great without a stroller and walked most of the time while we were there. I had a blast on our mommy daughter date, thanks Brooke for being Mommy’s special date today, I love you!

really close to the sloth

The manatee, she loved these, just like her mommy does!

Checking out all the fish.

Playing with the toys she got in the gift shop.

I stopped to take this picture for the colors...Brooke called him a chicken while I was taking this picture.

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