I love it when it snows here in Texas and it did just that today. I got Brooke dressed and went outside to snap a few pictures of her in the snow. When we went out, there wasn’t any snow really sticking to the ground and still looked somewhat liked rain, but hey we take what we can get. While out there taking her picture, she looked up and decided to open her mouth. She did this all on her own, which I thought was so funny and so smart of her to do. During her nap, I went outside to snap a few pictures of our dogs in the snow, they loved it too! After her nap, the snow had really came down and stuck to the ground, so I got her dressed again and Brandon and I took her out to play. Brandon made a sled for her using the lid to her sand box, since we didn’t have a sled laying around in our garage, go figure! She loved the sled and would fall off on purpose just for Brandon to pick her up and go again. She also liked throwing snow balls at us and really found it funny when mommy and daddy threw snow balls at each other. We loved the snow and had so much fun playing in it as a family today!




eating the snow

Daddy and Brooke throwing snowballs at the window

Brandon - I love him so much!

still eating

Brooke and Daddy

Mommy and Brooke - I look like a NERD!

on a sled ride

They both had fun sleding!

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Julia Walker
January 10, 2011 at 7:19 pm | Link

Your family always has so much fun. I love it. The dog pictures in the snow are awesome!

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