After I got off work today, I picked Brooke up and took her to the park to feed the ducks. When we got there, I saw that there was a ton, and I mean a ton of ducks and sea gulls everywhere. This made me a little concerned because we were the only ones out there feeding the ducks, which means they all come to us. Well, like I expected, they all came to us and it was a little overwhelming, even for me. I don’t think it would have been so bad if the dang sea gulls weren’t there. These birds kept flying and dive bombing our bread when we threw it. They were so close to our heads and all around us I felt like we were in a scene from the movie the Birds. Brooke was a little freaked out, as I was and so she stayed very close to me, which I preferred. We got to feed some ducks but mostly birds because they are thieves and quick. The ducks eventually got smart and got out of the water and came right up to us. This was better for them, but again a little overwhelming when you are surrounded by 50+ ducks wanting your bread. I was able to capture a few pictures with my point and shoot, but not too many. why you ask, well I had these things to do: keep Brooke from eating the bread since it was old, keep some distance between us and the ducks, not get pooped on (which I don’t know how I could prevent this), not get hit by a diving bird and keep Brooke right by me. Whew….It was fun but man I was glad when the bread ran out. Hopefully next time we wont have the birds and the duck feeding will go a little better!

ok....they are freaking me out just a little.

The ducks got really close.

Yep...Brooke ate some bread too.

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